Getting Started

New to working at Tonal Park? Here is some information to get you started. 

As a studio, Tonal Park thrives on collaborations with people like you. We realize that no two studio projects are alike. We will always do our best to take a custom approach to your music, making your project sound amazing. 

With that in mind, here are some guidelines to help you as you plan out your next recording at Tonal Park.

COVID-19 Procedures and Guidelines:

The safety of our clients and staff is extremely important to us. Before booking your session, please see our COVID-19 Procedures Document for guidelines on how to keep our recording sessions safe and fun.

Booking and Inquiries:

Please use our contact form to send us a message, write an email, or give us a call. Sessions and tours at Tonal Park are by appointment only, so please do not come by the studio in person if you have not booked and confirmed.

Recording & Mixing Projects:

If you’d like to record at Tonal Park, we suggest you develop a rough idea of your goals, timelines, instrumentation and eventual release format, if any, for your project. Then, contact us. Once we know what you’re looking to get out of your recording session(s), we’ll be best prepared to work together. 

For mixing projects, please let us know how many songs, what DAW and sample-rate was used to record, genre, and what your timeline for completion is. 

Recording rates vary by engineer. 

Set-Up Time:

For all recording sessions shorter than a full day, a minimum booking charge to cover set-up and the first hour of time will apply. 

Mastering Projects:

Mastering is the final essential step to creating your finished product before it is ready to be released out into the world! We are always happy to hear from our clients about mastering either before or during recording and mixing phases. Plan your mastering accordingly to allow for ample time prior to your release time. For CD replication, we recommend 4-6 weeks before your release date so that the master can be sent to your production vendor. Vinyl may need up to 6 months, depending on factory demand. Often, we are booked several weeks in advance for mastering, so the sooner we know when to expect your mixes, the better.

In order to supply you with a quote for mastering, we’ll need to know how much material (number of tracks and length of project), what formats are needed, and deadline for completion. Drop us a line via our contact form or send an email to get a quote for mastering your project.

Listening Sessions and Mastering Revisions:

If you are happy with your mixes, chances are, you’ll love the mastering. If you’re feeling unsure, we are happy to preview mixes ahead of mastering projects. Feel free to schedule a listening session with us, and we’ll provide feedback as needed. Once we begin mastering your project, sending any remixes or different versions of the master will be billed in addition to your initial quote.

Studio Rentals:

Tonal Park is a great place for freelance engineers to record and/or mix projects. Our Control, Tracking, Allyworld and Production rooms are available for rental by engineers or producers (this includes access to all gear in those rooms as well as microphones, grand piano, and assorted backline as necessary). 

Minimum hours requirements and deposits may be necessary to schedule rental bookings. Contact us to learn more. 

Deposits & Payment Terms:

We require down payments before we supply you with mixes, mastering references, or final production masters. We’ll discuss your budget and billing terms prior to booking a session. We accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal and Venmo. 

Piano Tuning:

We are always excited to offer our 1947 Steinway B piano, restored and lovingly maintained in our climate-controlled environment. We have relationships with some of the area’s most experienced piano technicians who are happy to come tune the instrument prior to the session. If you require a piano tuning prior to your session, note that there is a reimbursement fee of $100 per tuning that we will bill to you. Alternatively, you do not need to have the piano tuned before your session; just know that there is no guarantee it will be in tune unless we schedule a tuning. There are no exceptions to this policy.